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June 28, 2014

Notes Toward a Theory of Eternity

Yet more from November 2013, this time some unfinished notes I intend to come back to later:

Notes for expansion:
  • Shell of thermal radiation expanding from Earth during and following a life. 
    • Rotating searchlight of a life's radiation as the Earth rotates,
    • Holes in the radiation pattern, shell due to absorption by Sun, planets, stars; re-emission, scattering, gravitational lensing; 
    • Transactional interpretation of QM demands both an absorber for every emitted photon and a potential for re-emission, thus literal eternity.
  • Omnia sunt, lumina sunt.” “All that is, is light”
  • All that can be known is information.
  • Probability is always and only a measure of ignorance.
  • Choices must be real to be real choices – morality cannot coexist with determinism, but requires multiple potential realities, universes.
  • Internal dimensions for each entity are rotated by relative motion (Lorentz boosts), but quantum-correlated through all occurring in the same overall 4-space (pseudoscalar).

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